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and Build UIs 

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Uxtely features a highly malleable medium for communicating and experimenting app ideas, so you can brainstorm user interfaces with tangible and instant usability feedback.

Draft at
thinking pace

Unlike wireframing, start without graphic design constraints.

No layout. No screen-sizes.

Just the content and its flow.

Software Engineering a UI


"All good ideas start out as bad ideas, that's why it takes so long" —Steven Spielberg

Inexpensively, try out groupings, progressions, and equivalent variants.

Redesigning UI

Help Graphic

Given an Uxtely file, designers can lay out with the confidence of knowing what to organize. Given that information, the design phase feels like a redesign one, familiar and more direct.

Pre-Graphic Design Prototype ready to layout.


Traditionally, domain experts had to teach programmers and designers from A to Z. Now instead of complex knowledge transfers, anyone can suggest ideas in a clear and concise UI draft.

Mitigate Rework

Discover blind spots and edge cases early on.

As Uxtely presupposes graphic and database design, you can focus on the end-user viewpoint with more mental room and without self-imposed or artificial constraints.

Do the fundamentals extremely well and you'll make more progress'.Guy Mitchelmore

Modern Tools

Our tools are specially designed for concretizing UI ideas quickly, interactively, and with realistic usability feedback.

Computed Forms

Formulas as you'd handwrite them.

Formulas using UI Elements

Dynamic Sub-Categories

Conditional sets of options.

Chained Selectors with dynamic sets of options

And much more…

Page Navigation
Dynamic Forms
Button Actions
CSS Editor
UI Search

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